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Redington’s Butter Stick has been around for a while. The Butter Stick II is new and improved and keeps the traditional feel of fiberglass without sacrificing the benefits of contemporary innovation. Redington’s T-Glass construction and the rod’s retro color scheme make the Butter Stick as much a work of art as it is a fishing tool. 01/09/2018 · The Redington Butter Stick 2.0 is really fun to cast and the 6 and 8 weights will make nice Bass sticks. We are also looking forward to using the 8' 8 Weight in the Mangroves for Snook and Baby Tarpon.

The New Redington Butter Stick 2 has a cool retro look and an upgraded action for maximum fun. We love the new look Butter Stick's white blank with blank and orange accents. Just because the Butter Stick fiberglass rod is cool looking doesn't mean it's not a performance glass fly rod. Redington Butter Stick Fly Rods, New for 2020, are very sweet, smooth casting rods that live up to their super cool name, and they cast like, well.butter. Make the most delicate dry fly presentations with a Redington Butterstick from ReelFlyRod!

17/10/2018 · This isn’t a review of the updated Redington Butter Stick. Because I’ve never held the rod. But I received an email from Redington that made me want to pick one up. I get a lot of fly fishing industry emails, and I delete nearly all of them after reading the subject line. This one made. Redington Butter Stick, 6'2" 2wt and Dorber Ultra-Weave, 7'6" 2wt I'm having a really hard time deciding. I've been leaning towards the Butter Stick because 1 I'm a Redington junkie and 2 I love how this rod looks. Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod - Discontinued Model $ 249.99. Slow action;. The new BUTTER STICK does just that. Built using T-Glass construction on our Heritage Taper, the BUTTER STICK is a slow action glass rod that will delicately present a fly even in the tightest of places.

Second, as far as the blank source, it is undoubtedly China. There's a big sticker on the bottom of the Butter Stick rod tube that says so. There are some similarities, at least in some of the rod lengths/line weights, offered with the Butter Stick and the Cabela's C.G.T. offerings that makes me think they are likely made in the same factory. Gear Review - Redington Butter Stick As someone who constantly has his ear to the ground on what is going on in the fiberglass realm of fly rods, I have to say that Redington did a pretty good job keeping their soon-to-be-released Butter Stick.

Best 3wt reel for a Butter Stick? I bought a 6' 3wt Redington Butter Stick to use on some smaller local creeks and ponds, and I'm looking for a light-weight, high quality reel. Mid-budget, I.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to slow it down and just enjoy being out on the water. The new BUTTER STICK does just that. Built using T-Glass construction on our Heritage Taper, the BUTTER STICK is a slow action glass rod that will delicately present a fly even in the tightest of places.</plaintext></p> <h2>Ultralight Fly Fishing • Redington Butterstick or.</h2> <p>Redington Fly Rods ON SALE! Redington’s Fly Rods have gathered much acclaim for their quality, affordability, and dependable performance across a variety of situations. Our Redington fly rods for sale are certain to be well-suited to your favorite waters, whether you’re in a small local creek or the blue saltwater shores of the ocean. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Redington Butter Stick II Fly Rod 260-3 6'0" 2wt 3pc at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Redington Butter Stick 2wt 6'2" 3 PC Fly Rod at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!</p> <p>You will feel nostalgic as soon as you pick up the Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod and see its retro cosmetics. Built using T-Glass construction on Redington's Heritage Taper blank, it has a classic and traditional slow action. The Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod is a rod built from high modulus fiberglass, premium components, and with its retro styling comes in at a phenomenal price. The Redington Butter Stick Fly Rod has enough flex to deliver delicate presentations, but all the strength to reach fish on the far bank. Redington Butter Stick 262-3 Fly Rod Outfit 6'2", 2wt, 3pc in Rod & Reel Combos. Today, most of them sit in my closet collecting dust. The culprit for all the dust collection is Redington's Butter Stick. Any time I reach for a small stream rod, the yellow fiberglass stands above them all. The Butter Stick is a slow action, fiberglass rod that comes in 2wt through 5wt. Redington Butter Stick fly rods are fiberglass fly rods available in 1-8wt line weights that offer a ton of classic, fiberglass fly fishing fun for a variety of species. Classic fly rod action and cool retro cosmetics.</p> <h3>Fiberglass Flyrodders • Redington's "Butter Stick".</h3> <p>04/04/2017 · Redington Butter Stick advice Looking to buy another creek rod. I have a 6'6" 2wt grafite rod that was my first rod build, I love it but was thinking about how cool it would be to feel the fight a little more from a full flex glass rod. Shop Redington Butter Stick 262-3 Fly Rod Outfit 2wt 6'2, 3pc.. 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