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Vicky Jutten

Pilates Instructor since 2006

Passionate about staying healthy through movement, meditation and nutrition. Founder of Pilates Revolution. Mum of Valentino Dante Raphaël. Fan of Chris. Recovered Salsa-holic.

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Personal Info

I was Born in Hasselt (Belgium) in 1975, where I spent my childhood in a quiet suburban area. My family were all devoted tennis players, volleyball players and kickboxers. I preferred more serene sports and practiced figure skating, platform diving and dancing, when I was not playing outside.

After my university studies in Leuven (MA Philosophy) I worked as a HR consultant until the sports bug bit me again. Around 10 years ago I decided to be my own boss and while the road was bumpy, the rewards turned out plenty.


  • Master of Philosophy, Leuven University 1997 (Belgium)
  • Teachers Degree, Leuven University 1998 (Belgium)
  • Pilates Comprehensive Matwork, Stott Institute (Canada, Switzerland)
  • Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training, D. Swenson (UK)
  • Orthomolecular Nutrition, Faché-institute (Belgium)
  • Solution-focused Coaching, Hogeschool Leiden (The Netherlands)
  • Nutrition as Medicine, P. Torssell (Sweden)
  • Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine, OTCG (Belgium)
  • Chinese Nutrition Therapy, D. Chin See Chong (The Netherlands)
  • Chinese Ear Acupuncture, P. De Vilder (Belgium)
  • Auricular Therapy, J-P Rooms (Belgium)
  • Macrobiotics, Kushi Institute (The Netherlands)
  • Cooking workshops, S. Martens, V. Van Dyck, M. Vervecke (Belgium)
  • Health seminars, R. Vermuyten, P. Jannetta (Belgium)
  • Chakra meditation, J-P Rooms (The Netherlands)
  • 8 weeks Mindfulness training, IAM (Belgium)
  • Introduction to Alexander technique, H. Henckens (Belgium)


I love stability training such as Redcord suspension training and Bosu ball, as well as cardio workouts on the elliptical trainer or just a good outdoor run. I find any outside activity a treat: fresh air, sunlight and admiring nature.

Healthy cooking is another passion of mine: tasty, quick and easy dishes are my thing. My favorite recipes or cook books? I simply create my own!

Chris Juchtmans

Pilates Instructor since 2009

On a mission to keep your body young, through ever more time-efficient physical training. Co-founder of Pilates Revolution. Dad of Valentino Dante Raphaël. Fan of Vicky. Chronic snowboard rookie.

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Personal Info

Born in Dunkerque (France) in 1975. With both my parents being high school teachers I spent all after-school time playing outside. I grew up in a rural area, running through cornfields, erecting Playmobil fortresses out of dirt. My parents were more reading people than sports buffs. Yet at six years old the gymnastics bug bit me, and I competed for nine years.

Following my university studies in Leuven (MA Linguistics, then M Law) I joined a Big Five tax consultant. Then, seven years ago, Vicky asked me to start a Pilates company together. I now very much love being my own boss, as well as having a boss with a acute sense of health and warm personality.


  • Master of Arts in Germanic Philology, Leuven University 1997 (Belgium)
  • Master of Law, Leuven University 2001 (Belgium)
  • Teachers Degree, Leuven University 1997 (Belgium)
  • Pilates Comprehensive Matwork, Stott Institute (Italy, Belgium)
  • Diet & Nutrition Course, Oxford College distance learning (UK)
  • Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, M. Innegraeve (Belgium)
  • Cooking workshops, K. Cocquyt, S. Parris (Belgium)
  • Chakra meditation, J-P Rooms (The Netherlands)
  • Introduction to Alexander technique, D.J. Weitzman (Belgium)


I fancy sports with a bit of a technical challenge: stability training, squash, snowboarding, even piano playing. Any outdoors activity can make me happy; nothing compares to a brisk walk through mud and pouring rain, keeping up with my 3 year old son on his bike!

Knowledge-hungry by nature I like reading scientific literature to find better ways of working out.